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Soul Intuition

What i offer

​“How can I thank you enough for facilitating me on this incredible, revealing and very powerful magical journey.

I am at a loss for words!"    Isabella G, July 2018

​Would you like guidance on your direction, wellbeing, creativity, relationships or career? 

Would you like to know where your limiting beliefs came from and help to transform those beliefs? 

Your journey, your choices – having a conscious awareness of the path your soul has taken up to now can help you make decisions and choices that can guide how you progress. The information is always there waiting to be unlocked.

I work with you to explore and release what is holding you back from taking the next steps to living the life you desire. By working with your subconscious I help you to tap into and learn to trust your own intuition, enabling you to move forward with greater clarity. 

​You will discover a more profound understanding of your soul’s journey by gaining freedom from your patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Even when looking backwards in this life and previous lives, the focus is always about the present and enabling you to have greater freedom in your life now.

Make the choice and choose clarity.



In addition to 1-on-1 consultations, I also hold group sessions and host workshops for people who are interested in developing their meditative and healing skills.

Intuitive soul coaching helps you to discover what is holding you back from living your life on purpose, enabling you to feel healthy, happy and whole.

  • Do you wish you could unlock your true purpose and potential?

  • Do you find yourself repeating similar emotional patterns and behaviours and want to find a more elegant way through these?

  • Do you wonder if there is a greater meaning to the challenges you face?

  • Would you like to discover the true origin of some of your repeated patterns?

  • Would you like to resolve unhealthy relationship patterns with yourself and others?

  • Would you like a career that is more satisfying to you?

  • Would you like to find new more resourced ways of dealing with work and life stress?

  • Would you like to find an improved work life balance?

  • Would you like to find deeper acceptance of yourself and a greater depth of peace?


How it works

Using soul guidance and guided meditation you will discover and start to resolve the issues in your life that have been holding you back from being more of who you really are. Often emotional situations that occur in  life can cause you to form mistaken beliefs.

These mistaken beliefs can then become self fulfilling and create a cycle of repeated patterns. When challenges arise in your life you can chose to respond to them in a healthier way once you have cleared and resolved them at their root, forming more wholesome beliefs, finding a deeper connection to your true self.

Gaining insight from the Akashic records, your soul library, where every thought, word, emotion, action, intent that has ever occurred is stored, your past, present and future can become more aligned to enable you to become more present to the possibilities that are open to you.

Discover how Intuitive Coaching can help you….



I began my journey age 15 by discovering the power of guided body scan techniques. Since then I have followed my love for the metaphysical and developed my skills by training as a hypnotherapist, an Akashic Record practitioner and completing therapist training in transformational healing techniques with Vernon Frost.


Over the past ten years I have been expanding and honing my abilities and knowledge, developing my direction as an intuitive soul coach working with the Akasha.

Certificate & Qualifications:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate

  • Transformational Healing Techniques

  • Akashic Record Reading Practitioner

  • Sports Massage (level 3)

  • Multi-style Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training

  • Stress and Relaxation Practitioner

  • Group Work Analysis Foundation Diploma

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